Friday, January 04, 2008

Great Day, Beautiful Mind

Do you feel lost? Do you feel lonely, like you have no one to share your life with? Do you feel like everyone back against you? Do you feel your life is boring? Do feel like you have to find a new job because the one you have right now was just too boring? Do you feel life so shitty? Oh well, let me be your savior, your friend, your doctor, your angel, your best adviser, your--oh, just let me help you to overcome those problems.

Let me introduce you to Ralph Marston, the greatest motivator I've ever known in the cyber world. In the real world, Alexander Sriewijono will be my favorite one because he was so adorable.

Who is Ralph Marston, anyway? Like I have said, he is one of the greatest motivators--well at least to my opinion. Please note that I fall in love easily with any person who has great communication skill (one thing that I never had!).

Do you want to know this Mr. Marston? Well, that's easy. Just go to Haha, and please share the positive minds he wrote there to all of your friend.

Psst, actually my best friend Eno was the one who introduced me to that link yesterday. And just now, when I really felt like Oh God I want to go home but I have to stay in this boring place they call office and wait for an advertorial to come!, I just opened the site and I felt warm.

OK, I lied. I just want to show you the site. You might need it some times, maybe that time you have no money to pay a psychic to avoid you from the asylum, or to go for a big crazy shopping session to release the stress.

And today is Friday, January 4, 2008, and Marston wrote that at the deepest level, goodness always prevails. For truth by its very nature will not be denied.

And my comment for him is: Mr. Marston, I wish I could have just a little part of your bright beautiful mind. I will turn it into cash. Haha!

PS: Terus terang nih, saya selalu takjub dengan orang-orang yang bisa jadi motivator. Pastinya, menurut saya, orang-orang ini sudah imbang kehidupan lahir dan batinnya dalam arti berkecukupan. Kemarin, saya memforward link itu ke seorang kawan baik. Dikiranya itu link blog saya. Please dong, mana mungkin. Saya kan belum siap jadi seorang motivator. Wong kebutuhan lahiriah saya saja masih belum terisi, bagaimana batin saya bisa penuh. Lol. Eits, komentar ini bukan berarti saya nggak bersyukur ya! Biar kata begini, saya memasukkan diri saya ke kelompok orang beruntung loh! :p

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