Sunday, May 09, 2010

Shit Happens!

Well, this is funny. I've just wrote about my luck the other day and now my friends and I still trapped in London because our flight, which was scheduled on Monday (9/5), cancelled because the volcanic eruption.

We finally changed our schedule to Asturias, Spain, to Tuesday (11/5) right away after we got information about the cancellation. An old Australian man helped us on this. He let us accessed the airways website and changed our flight schedule with his netbook and internet connection. See, we were still lucky after all. We got the nearest available flight to Asturias on Tuesday (11/5).

What made us a bit confused is, we only have permission to stay (transit) in UK for only (maximum) 48 hours. FYI, we didn't apply for UK visa before.

We've contacted the UK Border Agency. Oh, another funny thing was, they only can be reached by phone. They said there shouldn't be a problem with that since our longer stay in UK was caused by thing beyond our power, which is the eruption.

Btw, before we heard the announcement about the cancellation, all the easyJet passenger were all ready to get on board. So we already have our boarding pass. According to the UK border, we can show our old boarding pass to the immigration in case they asked about the reason why we stay in UK more than 48 hours.

FYI, we need not to have visa for transit in UK less than 24 hours. So I think, the UK Border Agency was sort of nice given us time for stay max 48 hours.

Kind of interesting experience we had, huh? My friends said there always be the first time for everything, but I simpliflied what they were saying, "shit happens sometimes". But shit can be good, right? Finally, it help us see things we can grateful for.

Oh! About shit happens, I believe Maris, a Latvian we met in Stansted Airport London, would like to agree. He lost all of his baggage (3 bags) during his flight to London with Cyprus Airways. Unfortunately, he left his ticket for another flight in his baggage too. When we met him, it was his third day sleeping in the airport. When we about to leave London on Sunday (before our flight cancelled) he just got information he got a refund ticket for the next four days. That would be for Thursday (13/4). So Maris had to stay in Airport for about a week! Fyuuuh!

Btw, we only sleep one night at the airport. After knowing the flight was cancelled, we booked a room at Hilton near the airport for two nights. This is another funny thing as we planned this trip as a backpacking trip. But I have to admit, I couldn't stand sleeping in the airport.

Okay, thay's all for now. Wish us luck tomorrow yaaa! :)

PS: I miss Ciputat alot! :p


Toni said...

that's life, Tut... :p

Restituta Arjanti said...

hadoooh, cukup deh gue denger kata-kata itu, Ton :))